Hello, Betty! She came from an old laundry detergent ad.

Active Charity Promotions in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

    "Under state law, professional solicitors must register with the Consumer Protection Division before conducting fund raising promotions in the Commonwealth on behalf of charitable organizations."
    Great for finding out which professional charity groups are only giving 1% of the money to the charity, and pocketing the other 99%

Kentucky Unclaimed Property

    Dearly departed Aunt Minnie forget to mention that old bank account? Find out here!

Kentucky Vital Statistics

    Get nosey. Did that old flame ever get married. Did they end up divorced. Did one of them kill the other? Limited, but a fine waste of time...

Reseller Ratings

    Evaluations of Mail-Order/Internet Computer Stores

Darklight Imagery

    Nice personal site of a Kentucky photographer.


    Cameras on the web.

Blue Cricket Daily Links

Daily links page. Usually some pretty interesting stuff here.

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