The Irish Lassie ( tail-marked A-Square-52 ), was part of the 497th Airborne stationed out of Saipan during WWII. When I first put this site up there was only the 'Flak Alley' story. Over time, I've managed to find supplemental stories and pictures--some from searching the net, and others from relatives of other members of the crew who happened across this site. Thanks to each of you for your help. For now, here are the original two articles, along with some higher resolution images of a couple of the pictures from the Flak Alley story, and elusive nose art photos.
  • Flak Alley -- January 27th, 1945 bombing strike against Tokyo--from The Long Haul, a yearbook style history of the 497th
  • Wing Talk—Colliers Magazine; July 6, 1946; Vol. 118, #1 -- The Irish Lassie Gets Home
  • B-29 Hunters of the JAAF— link to book with information about the ramming from a Japanese perspective. Includes a picture of one of the pilots who rammed her (Teruhiko Kobayashi), along with a picture of the B-29 wreckage with the A-Square-52 tail marking clearly visable. Amazon will let you view the page via this link. You may need to log on to Amazon to see it, though.
  • MPG File! Film footage of the wreck. The www is a wonderful thing...
  • 1964 VFW Article -- (partial article only)